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Abdallah Breshna's drawing shows an Afghan lady rolling up the threads of the 'two skewers' method...

compiled by Russell Harris (

(originally published in 1996 by Prospects Books, Devon, England ISBN 0907325734)

Abdallah Breshna's drawing (above)
shows an Afghan lady rolling up the threads
of the 'two skewers' method...


A few notes about this Internet Version


How the Index is Composed



A few notes by the compiler about this Internet Version:

I have now put the whole index onto a separate pages from the introduction and notes, simply due to its size. However, once you have clicked the link and loaded the index, the whole index is searchable by using the following utility (please note that it will give results for both the PPC and Symposia Indexes):

Search for:


The only problem I have come across in transferring the original document was that of the Turkish undotted 'i' - but thanks to the kind intervention of Bas van Oosterhout, I believe this problem will be solved with the next update which will include 1997 and 1998 documents.

As I am not quite sure about the copyright issue, I presume that you should not save this file to your hard disk, but rather access it every time you wish to search for something. The simplest thing to do is to use your browser's menu and choose Bookmarks... Add...

I have purposely kept this page "vanilla", i.e. no snazzy features, as the only thing of importance here is the body of the text.

I hope soon to be adding an order page to this document, so that the reader can contact the publisher direct and order copies of volumes of the Proceedings.



Publication of this index calls for an explanation of the mass of material to which it relates.

Back in 1979/80 Dr Theodore Zeldin of St Antony's College, Oxford urged Alan Davidson, then an Alistair Horne Research Fellow at the College, to give a couple of seminars on topics in his area of study, food history. The response was such that Davidson and Zeldin, using the the machinery of the newly created journal on food history Petits Propos Culinaires, convened a full-scale symposium at the College in 1981.

In every subsequent year, except 1982, another such symposium has been held. All these meetings have been open to all with a serious interest in the subject, not just academics or professional writers or people connected with the food or catering industries. The wealth of papers contributed to the Symposia and published thereafter in a continuing series now constitutes a uniquely large and varied collection of essays in food history and closely related matters.

The themes of the successive Symposia have been as follows:

1981 National and Regional Styles of Cookery
1983 Food in Motion - The Migration of Foodstuffs and Techniques
1984 Criteria for Excellence in Cookbooks
1985 Kitchen Lore and Science
1986 The Cooking Medium
1987 Taste
1988 The Cooking Pot
1989 Staple Foods
1990 Fasting and Feasting
1991 Public Eating
1992 Spicing up the Palate - Studies of Flavourings, Ancient and Modern
1993 Look & Feel - Studies in Texture, Appearance and Incidental Characteristics of Food
1994 Disappearing Foods
1995 Cooks and Other People
1996 Food and Travel
1997 Fish: Food from the Waters [under construction]
1998 Food in the Arts [under construction]


The Oxford Symposia have helped to provide inspiration, or even a model for symposia of a similar nature held in Leeds, Yorkshire; in Australia; in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and elsewhere, including Konya and Istanbul in Turkey.

Virtually all volumes of Proceedings have remained available. .

Copies of the volumes of Symposium Documents can be ordered online from Prospect Books.

Enquiries about attendance at the Symposia should be directed to the present Organiser: (under construction)


The index below covers the following main categories of items:

Titles of essays and articles, printed in italic capitals, thus - SERENDIPITY.

Names of contributors of papers, in bold characters, thus - Coe, Dr Sophie D. The contributor's name is followed by a list of his or her contributions. Where a paper had two authors, the paper is listed under the name of the first author alphabetically with a cross-reference under the name of the second.

Titles of recipes, all grouped together under RECIPES within the index.

Names of main subjects, including people, where these do not coincide with the first words of the papers dealing with them.

It does not include, save exceptionally, books or authors cited in papers; subjects, people or dishes treated in an incidental way; or illustrations.

In each reference, the year of the Symposium is given first, then the page number of the relevant volume of the proceedings.

Where titles of papers being with 'The', 'A' or a preposition, this has been disegarded for the purpose of putting entries in alphabetical order. The initial letter of the first substantive word has been taken as the operative one. Thus THE POLITICS AND SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS OF TABLEWARE FOR FEASTING appears in the appropriate place under P, not T.