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The illustration above shows the front cover from
Petits Propos Culinaires 46
The cover illustration by SOUN is  part of the
drawing prepared for Sri Owen's The Rice Book
published by Doubleday, 1993
ISBN 0385 401817


compiled by Russell Harris (


The consolidated index covers the following main categories of items.


Titles of essays and articles, printed in italic capitals, thus - THE CONTINUING SAGA OF TEA SOUP.
Titles of notes and queries, in italic, thus - Anglo-American Tomato Ketchup (NQ)
Names of contributors (whether of essays and articles or notes and queries) with the surname first, in bold characters, thus - Saberi, Helen. The contributor's name is followed by a list of his or her contributions, notes and queries being distinguished by (NQ).
Titles of recipes, all grouped together in the R section under RECIPES.
Titles of books reviewed, grouped together in the B section under BOOK REVIEWS (but excluding mere mentions of 'books received').
Names of main subjects, including people, where these do not coincide with the first words of the titles of the essays etc dealing with them.
It does not include, save exceptionally, books or authors cited in articles; subjects, people or dishes treated in an incidental way; or illustrations.
In each reference the issue of PPC is given first, in bold, then the page number.
Where titles of articles or books begin with 'The' or 'A' this has been disregarded for the purpose of putting entries in alphabetical order. The initial letter of the first substantive word has been taken as the operative one.