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PPC subscriptions


PPC (Petits Propos Culinaires) - subscription information
We are often asked to tell people what our journal PPC (Petits Propos Culinaires) is.  The short answer is that it is a semi-academic periodical which comes out three times a year and deals with food, cookery and cookery books; that it usually runs to 64 or 72 pages, none occupied by advertisements; and that the contributors are a mixture of professional writers and amateurs.  All issues are illustrated, in black and white (reproductions of old engravings and woodcuts, etc, plus drawings commissioned for PPC).
PPC  is not a collection of recipes, although most issues contain some recipes of particular interest.  These recipes have often been embodied in articles, e g by the late Elizabeth David and Richard Olney (both of whom played an important part in the founding of PPC).  Extensive Book Reviews and an item called Notes and Queries are also regular features.  The latter provides a forum for reports on research in progress and for posing questions which readers may be able to answer.
Present subscription rates (postage included) are as follows:
In the UK
six issues are 29.00
three issues are 15.00
any back number 5.00*
*deduct 5% if ordering 5 or more back numbers at the same time; 10% for 10 or more; 15% for 15 or more; 20% for 20 ore more; and 25% for 25 or more
In the USA
six issues are $55.00
three issues are $28.50
any back number $9.50*
six issues are 26.00
three issues are 13.50
any back number 6.35*
If you would like to subscribe please send your cheque to:
PPC (Petits Propos Culinaires)
45 Lamont Road
London SW10 0HU

tel/fax: (01) 171 351 1242

Your name and address should be clearly indicated as well as the type of subscription chosen and the amount of money you enclosed.  For example:


I enclose a cheque for ..............................
to cover a six issue subscription / three issue subscription*

* delete as appropriate

We're sorry that we cannot accept payment by credit cards, as we are far too small an operation for that!  However, regular US dollar checks are perfectly acceptable - made out, please, to 'PPCNA'; sterling cheques should be made out to 'Prospect Books Ltd.'
Subscriptions can start at any point in the calendar year.  New subscribers will be started off, unless they request otherwise, with whatever is the current issue when their subscription is received.
Back numbers.  Except for PPC 10 (to be reprinted in the near future), these are currently all available, with substantial discounts for people ordering large numbers.  Just tell us what you would like and we will let you know the cost.  By the way, the back numbers which contain cumulative indexes are:
16 (covering 1-15);
26 (16-25);
36 (26-35)
46 (36-45); and
56 (46-55)
All prices include postage.  However, subscribers in Asia, Africa, Australasia who wish to receive their copies by air mail will need to pay extra - just ask and we'll give you the details.  (Copies going to subscribers in North America are all air-lifted to New York City and put into the US postal system there.)